CardWard.PRO as the Promotional Materials

Protects credit cards, bank cards, debit cards, bonus program cards, identity cards

against digital theft of your personal information – in your bag, in your purse, in your wallet.

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You need … the CardWard.PRO card as the promotional materials

... a permanent connection between your customers and your brand?

The CardWard.PRO card comes in your client’s wallet or purse.

With every payment process, the CardWard.PRO card gives you the good feeling of protecting your personal information.

... an advertising material that is certainly innovative?

CardWard.PRO card protects against data theft via app.

The annoying and tedious packing and unpacking of cards in aluminum protective covers is eliminated.

... a real added value for your customers?

The CardWard.PRO card protects your customers’ personal credit card, bank and ID data.

Simple and safe.

Connected with you and your brand. For years.

contactless pickpocketing via app

without CardWard.Pro card

A short moment near you: at the ticket office, in the train, on the escalator, in the cafe …

… and the details of your bank card in your wallet
or wallet were spied out electronically:

with a smartphone – contactless in seconds!

Modern check cards are equipped with contactless wireless technology (RFID 13.56 MHz). That makes it easy to pay and expel – but also insecure. Because just as easily thieves can spy on your data without contact: your credit card number, your bank account, your name and more.

For that thieves do not even need expensive technology – a smartphone and an opportunity in your area is enough.

Most cards are issued today with contactless wireless technology:

Credit cards, bank cards, bonus program cards, debit cards, …,
and also the identity card in credit card format.

CardWard.PRO Card: Protecting your personal information

with CardWard.Pro card
Your personal details in your purse, wallet, wallet are easily protected.

CardWard.PRO protects your cards easily and securely:

in your wallet, in your purse

The protection card just has to completely cover all of their cards
You can trim the special foil to fit without the protective function suffers.

CardWard.PRO card as your promotional materials


With the CardWard.PRO card, you get a high-demand, attractive product with a very broad target audience.

CardWard.PRO Card protects your customers’ cards simply and securely:

in your wallet, in your purse

Special foil, flexible and durable like a banknote
Can be cut to size
Protects all covered cards
From an order quantity of 1,000 pieces, a customized design of the front is possible.

Delivery time 4 weeks from clearance and receipt of payment.

Price for customized production: plus 300 € net
based on the print template with the dimensions 210 mm x 85 mm in PDF format.

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CardWard.PRO as Promotional Materials

An added value for your customers and employees




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