Are you sure that your data is safe?

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The only thing that’s certain is that your data is important and you need to protect it from data leak and data security, whether biometric, personal information or other sensitive data.

Therefore, this is just a question of where we offer a solution with our innovative product how to save unnecessary trouble with your data:


Are you still sure that your data is safe?

Order protection now

Cybercrime hits every second


illegal use of personal data


Abuse account details


Fraud in the private purchase / sale


Credit card fraud increase in last 2 years

a little less than


meter distance







are needed to steal the credit card, personnel or key data

Our innovative product can protect

Your Money


Your Business

Business Safety

Your Passport

Passport Security

Your Travel


Your Safety


Your Data

Personal Data

against damage

Order CardWard.PRO and protect yourself


With the CardWardPro, your credit cards, bank cards, EC cards, bonus program cards and identity cards are protected against digital pickpocketing. Your personal details are safe with the CardWardPro in your wallet, purse and wallet when the CardWardPro completely covers your cards.

Innovation. Made in Germany.


Designed and made in Germany, the CardWard.PRO card delivers a true innovation and makes it easy for you to effectively protect your cards and personal information.

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